Construction Management Simplified


Our CadQuest Information Management System (CQIMS) is an evolutionary step in project administration developed by actual contractors.
    CQIMS offers the full feature-set of Microsoft Cloud Services, enhancing project collaboration and operation efficiency.
   In Addition, CQIMS can potentiontialy eliminate your need for paper and faxing saving time and resources.

Services & Features

CQIMS provides a variety of services and features to support your project needs.

  • » Document Management.
  • » Centralizated Application.
  • » Mulit-User Licenses.
  • » Trade Coordination.
  • » Scalability and Security
  • » Disaster Recovery Protection.


FW Sims, one of the largest contractors in Long Island, has been working with CQIMS for the past several years.
   "CQIMS has greatly improved the way we coordinate with the different trades on our jobs, increasing overall efficiency." - P. Simonelli